Concrete Effect

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Concrete Effect

A fine-grained mineral plaster for interior use in two types - Decorative Concrete and Concrete-look Paint  

Do you remember your last visit on Gatwick Airport Terminal North. Its so nice restaurant there - Nicholas Culperer. They have got all large wall made with this effect. Its looks amazing to me always when Im there:) 

A decorative paint based on a mineral binder. Appropriate application provides the effect of vibrated concrete (smooth, glossy), as well as a surface with characteristic roughness, spalling, and pitting. It is perfect for modern interiors of public and residential buildings, in particular, for industrially arranged buildings. 

It is perfectly suitable for wood, glass, and glossy metal. It masks small surface imperfections.

Choose one of four colours (below) and different finish. 

You need to be able to see and feel what the raw concrete finish looks and feels like.

I will visit you on your door step and educate you about the wall finishes that I have to offer, and you can touch, feel and juxtapose against your walls. Before you will choose the one that fits your requirements the most.